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I have had an epiphany.

As I (over) analyze my dating failures, I have come to a sobering realization . . .

I am more Sheldon Cooper than Bradley Cooper when it comes to interacting with beautiful women.  I’m actually frighteningly closer to Rajesh Koothrappali, but that doesn’t compare well with Cooper (or Bradley) and I could not come up with a pithy title that plays on the word Koothrappali! (I am so Koothrappalled!)


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As I looked at my calendar today, I realized that it is now 2014.


But it isn’t.

And then I realized, that I have not received any free desk calendars for 2015.

Is this a government conspiracy?  A sign of the apocalypse?  Or is the economy so bad that no one sends out free desk calendars anymore.

I recall years where I had 4 or 5 of them–more than I needed.  A couple usually ended up in the trash.

I got one from my insurance agent.  From the exterminator.  From my financial advisers.  From my therapist.  (I think that’s the year I got a lot of calendars–one for each of my personalities!)

But alas, I have no free desk calendar for 2015.

What is this world coming to?  And where will it end?

I’d ask when, but since I don’t have a calendar to mark it on, the answer won’t be of any use to me anyway.

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