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My new shoes came yesterday! ¬†Can’t wait for the first HOME GAME!

I’m glad I ordered them when I did–I think they are sold out already!


They can’t possibly lose if I wear these!

Of course, that’s what I thought when I bought the PSU thong! ūüėČ

At least these are comfortable!

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The past week I had the opportunity to go running on Hilton Head Island, in the Sea Pines area mainly.  The weather was fantastic, although perhaps a bit more humid than one would choose for running.  After the winter we had in central PA, I will not complain about heat or humidity!

This was a typical view while running:


The Sea Pines Resort area had an elaborate maze of biking/running trails that wound along the roadway system and golf courses.


This made running really enjoyable until . . . .


Thou shalt not pass! (DO NOT collect $200)

ARE YOU KIDDING ME?  A STOP sign for pedestrians?


Well! ¬†Isn’t that special?! ¬†Let’s give the benefit of the doubt and the right of way to the two ton death machine instead of the helpless pedestrian or biker. ¬†Who came up with this idea?

As if that wasn’t bad enough, there were still thoughtful drivers who would come to a stop to allow bikes, runners and walkers to pass. ¬†The problem was, the cars behind said Good Samaritan weren’t always ready to stop–they weren’t expecting it, especially if they were local and used to this cockamamie hierarchy of right-of-way privileges. ¬†Worse yet, one lane of traffic would stop, which they didn’t have to, but the other lane wouldn’t. ¬†This was problematic when a small child on a bike started forward ¬†because the nearest¬†lane stopped, not realizing the other lane wasn’t stopping. ¬†I saw this happen numerous times.

I have to be honest.  I ran many of these STOP signs.  Literally.  Forgive me Father, for I have sinned.  A Hilton Head cop finally pulled me over.

I tried to explain. ¬†“I slowed down officer.”

He wasn’t impressed. ¬†“You were supposed to STOP.”

“But I slowed down, ” I protested.

He then pulled out his nightstick and started beating me.

As I’m writhing in pain, he asks, “So! ¬†Do you want me to slow down, or do you want me to STOP?”

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