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Like A Cheese Tray

Far East Movement has a song, Like a G6, but any time I hear it, it sounds “like a cheese stick.”

Annunciation is very important.

Apparently, so is context.

A nurse at the surgery center where I work recounted the story of showing her high school yearbook to her son.

In one picture, there was a guy–not his father–with his arm around her.  In another, she was pictured with a different guy.  He looked up at her and pleaded, “mom, you weren’t a cheese tray in high school, were you.”


I would have no idea of what this child speaks.

Neither did she, but he then explained.

“You know, a cheese tray.  The one that gets passed around at parties.”

Remember that when you see a cheese tray at your next holiday party.

And don’t let your children see your high school year book!

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Brutally Honest


I guess this must say something about me????

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