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Are you one of the 1.01 billion Facebook users?

Then surely you have had the occasion to check out the ads that pop up along the right side of your screen.  They are the modern billboards of the Internet’s Route 66.

For instance, there is Wal-Mart . . .


I’m not exactly sure what those numbers mean.  27 million people LIKE Wal-Mart, but only 3 million have been there.  Even less are actually talking about it apparently. And how do THEY know that?  Can THEY hear me through my computer?  Now I am just scared.   And if there truly are a billion Facebook users, then only 2.8% of Facebook users actually LIKE Wal-Mart.  Kind of insignificant when you look at it like that.  And what about the rest. . . do they HATE Wal-Mart?  Why don’t they have a HATE option?  For that matter, why isn’t there a LOVE option?  But I digress.

So here are some ads that have popped up along my travels on this information superhighway . . .


I didn’t even know I had a golf death move!  Holy Shit!  I could have killed someone!  I probably have–and I didn’t even know it.  And what’s worse, this site promises to eliminate my #1 death move.  What about my #2?  Or #3?  I’m pretty sure my game is bad enough I could wipe out the population of a small village large city with little effort.

Facebookad2I am so sorry if this blog has infected you.  I need Real to Read that Book.  NOT.

Facebookad3Thirty Eight pages of instructions is . . . easy????  Thank God there are pitchers or I might wind up building a nuclear submarine from those parts instead of a windmill for my miniature golf course (beware:  playing miniature golf may be dangerous for your health, especially if your partners have unresolved death moves.)

Facebookad4Twenty-one people ‘like’ false allegations?  I hope none of them are my friends!

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