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It’s not the first time I have had a bug fly in my mouth while running.

But a couple of days ago, when it was somewhat humid, I had the displeasure of this phenomenon again while running through a wooded area on a trail.

Normally, I just spit and grimace in disgust.

But this time was different.  This was no gnat.  This was no ordinary house fly.  This was more like a dragonfly.  Maybe a small bird.

It gagged me.

I didn’t throw up, but that would probably have dislodged the varmint from the mucous in the back of my throat.  I think it was clinging to my uvula.

It might have been a bat, but perhaps I exaggerate a bit.

To The Bat Cave, Robin!

All I know is that I spit and hacked and coughed and gagged, and I’m not really sure where the thing ended up–hopefully in my stomach, because I never did manage to eject it from my system.  It might be living in my sinuses for all I know!  It did not, for the record, taste like chicken.

But I would face a whole colony of bats rather than what I ran into today.

It had to be a snake, didn’t it?

It may look to you like the image above, but the picture below is what I saw.

It probably dines on joggers!


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