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I bought a new house the end of March.  It has a pool in the backyard.  I couldn’t wait to open it, but there was always that concern about what would await?  The pool hadn’t been opened in a couple of years.  Problem with the liner?  Pool pump that doesn’t work?  Lines that leak?  Dead body floating on the surface?

Sooo, anyone up for a swim?


I keep expecting something like this to appear  . . .


The pool company opening the pool basically said there is nothing they can do.  Apparently there aren’t enough chemicals to make that water swimmable again.  They recommend draining it,  cleaning the liner, killing the creature,  and refilling it with something other than used motor oil.

Is it a pond or a pool?  We have a pond out back.  And a pool.  The pond would be better for you.

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The Daily Prompt poses the following . . .”Tell us about your favorite way to get lost in a simple activity — running, chopping vegetables, folding laundry, whatever. What’s it like when you’re in “the zone”?

There’s no place like zone . . . there’s no place like zone.

But where, for art thou, is my zone?


The obvious answer is the North End Zone at Beaver Stadium where I have season tickets.  I have spent many an enjoyable Saturday afternoon there, and a few not so enjoyable ones as well.  When the crowd is cheering–108,000+ fans–there is an electricity in the air, a power which one can only experience but not describe.  Those who have been there know it.  It simply is nothing you will get watching a sporting event on TV.  You have to feel it.

As a runner, I often find myself ‘in the zone.’  I usually listen to music when I run, and at some point I become one with the road and the beat and I feel like I could run forever.  It is very relaxing and even the tensions of my worse days melt away with the pavement beneath my feet.  I have never ‘hit the wall’ as some runners claim, but I have run into a few cars, sign posts and the occasional tree.  I’m just kidding about that, although I have been close to getting run over by cars and buses.

I despise–no loathe–construction zones.  I know they are a necessary evil on our roadways, but necessity does not breed acceptance.

I really don’t like the O-zone, not the protective layer but the football site.  It’s too bad hydrochlorofluorocarbons can’t put holes in that as well.

I liked the Twilight Zone, the original series (the movie was OK), but for better or worse, I have never been in the Twilight Zone.

But of all the zones, I think the one I like the best is my light zone:

Here I am--in the ZONE!

Here I am–in the ZONE!

There is just something very relaxing about floating on cool water while basking in the heat of gorgeous sunshine.  I could float for hours, just California day dreaming, reading a book, sleeping, or making Vitamin D.

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