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The Blue Balloon

Last Wednesday, one of the guys I bowl with was talking about a 1956 short film called The Red Balloon.  Why?  Because this is what we do when we bowl.  We discuss politics, weather, work, baseball, hockey, Penn State football, films and anything else to pass the time between frames.  He happened to stumble upon this film while watching TCM.  The film won an Oscar back in the day, but featured no dialogue.  It was a French film (Le Ballon Rouge) but somebody must have forgotten the subtitles.  Basically, there was a red balloon that followed this kid around.  And there was another balloon–a blue balloon that followed the red balloon around, as these balloons seemed to have minds of their own, although they could not talk.

Well, I’m sure you are fascinated by this.

But the next day, as I was leaving my office, there was a BLUE BALLOON stuck in a winter dead tree.


Coincidence?  I think not.

But what does it mean?  We’ll have to discuss that between frames next week.

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Our local paper carried an article on the release of Casey Anthony after her trial.  The accompanying picture was similar to this:

My first thought?  What is Alec Baldwin doing with Casey Anthony?

Somewhere along the line, there are going to be movie rights to this whole thing.  I’ve already helped the casting director out. 

Alec Baldwin should be her attorney.

But who should play the lead?

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