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War is certainly hell, but it makes for great Farks.  Already, the threat of war by Kim Jong Un of North Korea has gotten the ball rolling with gems like these:




Assuming you saw the original Snickers commercial, that is funny stuff right there!  And then I saw this one . . .


. . . which got me to thinking and that is always a dangerous situation.

Those silly, stupid North Koreans.  They’ve never launched missiles at anyone.  They have never dropped a nuclear bomb on Japan, or anyone else for that matter.  They are such novices.  They don’t have the experience that we do in this arena.

I saw a CNN report that North Korea moved missiles into position and hid them.  Seriously?  In this technological age of satellite imagery, there are probably janitors in the Pentagon that know more precisely the location of those missiles than most of the leaders of North Korea’s army.

And if they do have nuclear capabilities, I would imagine the instructions are written in Russian or Chinese.  I’m picturing a group of them huddled around the missile, trying to arm it . . .

One translates, “Connect the blue wire . . . “

“Blue wire connected.”

“. . . but only after you connect the red one.”



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