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While mainstream media and well-meaning, but utterly clueless politicians are diverting your attention to the “problem” of gun control, another threat to our civilized society is going unnoticed.

January 21, 2013 in Chesterfield . . . “County police have arrested one man in connection with a fight in which multiple victims were stabbed.”

January 1, 2013 in Reynoldstown . . . “An argument between two men at a party resulted in several stabbings and the arrest of the suspected stabber, Atlanta police said. . . All five stabbing victims, including two who had stab wounds to the abdominal and legs, were transported to Atlanta Medical Center for treatment. All victims were reported in stable  condition with the exception one  victim who was rushed to surgery in  critical but stable condition.”

February 1, 2013 in Vancouver, Canada . . .”Vancouver police on Thursday night arrested a seemingly deranged man who ran through the hallway of an apartment building stabbing and slicing people at random.  The stabbing rampage left seven people injured, six of which were taken to the hospital and one remains in critical condition, according to officials. Three of those individuals had been released from the hospital as of Friday morning. . . “It appears that a lot of these victims were unrelated to each other and they had no dealings with each other tonight,” Fincham said.  “It was a very vicious, very serious attack. There were multiple victims in this,” he added.

I could provide other examples but I am Googled out at the moment, and distraught with fear that at any moment, a mad suicide knifer could enter my house and slice and dice his way through my unsuspecting family.  And this could happen if our lawmakers don’t take notice and pass stricter knife control laws.

How many people have to suffer before we ban Ginzu’s?  Is it really worth the health and vitality of our children to be able to cut our steak with a steak knife?  Cavemen ate meat for years before anyone invented the Iron Age and tools to cut the meat.  I would rather gnaw my Outback Special without utensils than risk being stabbed by these potentially lethal weapons.  Have you ever looked at that guy sitting all by himself in the booth over there?  With the knife in his hand?  Who knows when he will snap!?  It could be during dessert!  Oh, the inhumanity!

With proper knife legislation, perhaps Mary would have survived the shower attack by Norman Bates.  The movie would still have been suspenseful, but he would have had to bludgeon her with his bare hands (or would it have been his mother’s bare hands?) if we outlawed all potential weapons.

Apparently Al Sharpton agrees, but I’m not sure whether that strengthens or weakens my argument here.

Echoing the commonly-made argument that when guns become too difficult to obtain for even the most determined criminals, they will find other means of violence such as knives, a caller asked: “What happens when the criminal goes to knives, Al?”

“Then you deal with knives,” Sharpton pointedly replied.

stopknivesBut why wait?  Why not be proactive and control all knives and sharp objects now, before more people suffer.  And while we’re at it, why don’t we just make it illegal to kill and maim people with anything?  We should probably make drugs illegal too.

That will solve a lot of problems, won’t it?

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