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He says Terno!

At this week’s press conference, Paterno was asked about his role in play-calling:

Q. How much personal involvement have you had in the offensive play calling this year compared to past years? Does that change when you’re on the sideline?

COACH PATERNO: Galen (Hall) and Jay call most of the offensive plays.  Sometimes I’ll call Mike McQueary and tell him we like this. But I don’t do a lot of play calling anymore. I’m a cheerleader. Somebody called up and said I’m shrugging my shoulders or something, that I should be back swaggering. Pretty tough to swagger on a cane (smiling). But I’m good now. I’m going to be swaggering all over the place. Don’t get in my way (laughter).

You can see the clip here.

So does that make Jay Paterno the heir apparent to the Nittany Lion Mascot

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